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The Powerhouse & Admin Building

Old Town Heritage Spaces for Lease

Located in the historic Old Town district The Powerhouse building will feature character industrial spaces with distinct features, high ceilings, heavy duty floor systems, grade level loading and ample parking. Originally designed by John Teague, the Powerhouse building is a rugged, heavy concrete and steel structure.

The Admin Building is a lovely brick and mill structure; Francis Rattenbury designed, heritage building offering 7,660 sqft. of offices/showroom availability in a true identity building.

Originating before the turn of the century, these incredible buildings created the "energy" for Victoria.

  •  Victoria's Old Town
  • Heritage Restoration
  • Commercial office space
  • Late 2019 / early 2020
  • Powerhouse Floor Plans
We are indeed privileged to be the owners and restorers of these incredible Old Town structures.”
Chris Le Fevre - CEO & President
An excellent example of the industrial architecture of noted architect John Teague, the value of this building lies in its solid purpose-built form, simple Romanesque detailing, and large, open interior spaces.

- Established 1892

The National Electric Tramway and Light Company Powerhouse is valued as a representation of Victoria's industrial heritage. Constructed in 1892 as a steam generating plant, this building was the source of power for newly electrified street lights and the city's early public transportation tram system; it facilitated the modernization of the city as it grew in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

This powerhouse is an edifice in the Upper Harbour industrial area, and contributes to the diversification of Victoria's architectural heritage