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Ironworks Modern Living in Old Town
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We are thrilled to be bringing a great, new, modern building featuring courtyards and architecture with a unique urban character to the heart of Victoria's historic Old Town.
  • About Project
  • Having operated in the neighbourhood for over 30 years, developing a new building at Store and Chatham Streets couldn’t be more of a dream opportunity for us. Once again, with the wonderful help of Campbell Construction, Christine Lintott Architects, and KWI Design we will bring a new way of living to Victoria's historic downtown.
  • Project Brief
  • The Ironworks Chapter One begins with our cornerstone building, 515 Chatham, offering a wide selection of modern designed studio and one bedroom suites.
NOW is the time to take your place in the heart of Old Town. Ironworks Chapter One – 515 Chatham offers studio & 1 bedroom homes now for sale.  Call for more information today! 250.217.3299
Now Selling – ready for occupancy summer 2020 Visit Website
515 Chatham Exterior
515 Chatham Exterior
515 Chatham Interior
515 Chatham Interior
515 Chatham Street View
Location Victoria's Old Town
Type Modern contemporary architecture
Usage Residential & commercial
Construction 2019 / 2020
Modern Living in Old Town
Refined urban design with an eloquent architectural expression, Ironworks champions ideals of heritage revival, mixed-use planning, and contemporary culture.
LeFevre and Company works hard to build and create homes for everyone to enjoy, live in, and savour, and I proudly stand behind the housing we have created that helps celebrate Victoria's unique character.”
Chris Le Fevre - CEO & President