Preserving the Past Building the Future
Middle Beach Lodge

A Quiet Place on a Wild Coast

Le Fevre & Company About Us
The Visionary
Chris Le Fevre arrived in Canada from England in 1970, with just the money in his pocket, and has now been at the helm of his own real estate and property development company for over 50 years.

A self-made man, Chris has never forgotten his now humble beginnings. He often goes ‘where others fear to tread’, and with unique hands-on ingenuity. It has been said that his “rugby attitude” to life makes things happen, and this has led him, and his company to create and develop endless diverse and successful projects.

Yukon, The Rockies, The West Coast, Vancouver Island, and The California Desert

Chris travels far and wide, always searching for new ideas and a fresh vision. The diversity of Le Fevre projects, physically and geographically, has inspired a very long-term following of buyers and home owners.

The many award-winning heritage conversions in Old Town, Victoria, are a testament to his fearless efforts, and the integration of old and new, but always respecting the past. These restorations have created housing for so many and have created exciting inner-city renewal.

Middle Beach Lodge, in Tofino, sits on raw oceanfront acreage, and is a classic start to finish Le Fevre project. Steeped in recycled materials, and purposeful in its every detail and with respect for the nature that surrounds it.

The RailYards Development on the Inner Harbor of Victoria is 22 years of start to finish housing with hundreds of new homes. It has been said “no one man has ever built an inner-city community of such special standing.”

Chris continues to this day, wander far and wide in the lands God so freely gave to us all, challenging the normal and creating housing as he always says, “not just for a chosen few, but like no other!”

Le Fevre states “it has been a privileged journey, and certainly a long way from working in the turnip patch in Country England.”

Our New Home
Le Fevre & Company's head office is located in Victoria's historic Old Town district,  next to our refurbished Powerhouse Building, on the corner of Store and Pembroke Street.

Address: 502-B Pembroke Street, Victoria BC, V8T 1H4

Roaming far and wide allows "seek and find" visions that support our varied development activites."

Chris Le Fevre – JAN 2020

What we do
Our profile of business


Property Development.

Development and construction of affordable, award winning, single and multi family housing. This includes the $300M multi-phase waterfront development, The RailYards, in Victoria's Vic West neighbourhood and the ongoing Ironworks, located in the historic Old Town District of Victoria.


Heritage Restoration.

Conversion and restoration of heritage properties in Old Town Victoria. Some of the great buildings given a new lease on life include; The Leiser Building, The Morley Soda Factory, The Oriental Hotel, The Biggerstaff Building and The New England Hotel. Work is currently underway on the latest heritage restoration in Victoria's historic Chinatown that includes The Lum Sam & Lee Chong buildings.


Resort Development.

Conception and development of recreational resort properties. Tofino resorts Middle Beach Lodge and Cox Bay Beach Resort along with Bella Pacifica Campground are jewels of the west coast vacation experience.


Resort Management.

Management of recreational resort properties. Le Fevre and Company lends it's experience in management of day to day operations at Tofino's Middle Beach Lodge, Cox Bay Beach Resort and Bella Pacifica Campground as well as Tribune Bay Campsite on majestic Hornby Island.

Preserving the Past – Building the Future
From coast villages of Vancouver Island to Old Town Victoria, and thence to the Rocky Mountain town of Revelstoke and Eastward to the prairie city of Saskatoon. Finally, a turn South to the high desert of remote and profound Joshua Tree in California.
Le Fevre & Company has made it their duty to enhance the communities they are privileged to operate in.

It's Chris's philosophy that affordability is the backbone of all his company's operations. "We cannot build and develop for just a select few - that does not suit who I am." Chris's ambition to create new modern living is exemplified in his urban renewal housing developments from Victoria, Tofino, Revelstoke, Saskatoon and now in California.

Chris also believes in preserving, wherever humanly possible, the flora and fauna surrounding his buildings' footprints. He also works assiduously to recycle the historical elements of anything that can be saved so that it can 'live another life'.

Le Fevre & Company's executive Team
A trusted team of dedicated professionals
Chris Le Fevre
Chris Le Fevre arrived in Canada from England in 1970 and has been at the helm of his own real estate and property development company for over 45 years.
Chris Le Fevre
President & CEO
Kaleigh Dupuis
Born and raised in Victoria, Kaleigh is a true west coaster with a deep connection to nature. She has a genuine appreciation of heritage architecture and values building strong relationships, both personally and professionally.
Kaleigh Dupuis
Director of Operations
Richard Bennett
An Islander for over 25 years, Richard is a highly experienced CFO, seasoned in the financial lending world and the financial underpin to all Le Fevre & Company activities.
Richard Bennett
Chris Le Fevre has a keen eye for recognizing architectural heritage and giving a building new life.

Preserving the past – building the future.

We must preserve key and cherished elements of the past. They are a core to both society and the communities we are privileged to live and work in.

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Working together with our longtime valued and trusted professional support.
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Legal Council

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